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Nishals simulator survey

Hi guys please take the following survey, so that I know whether or not you are interested in my new project. If you answer "No, I'm not interested", we will take you off the list and won't email you. Because the simulator can only efficiently run with a maximum amount of users, not everyone will be able to signup. However; with that said if the interest is so great then we may have to think of more than 1. That is why it is important for me to know are you interested or not. This service will be only exclusively available to my loyal customers.

You are not committing to anything, this will only act as a guide and let us send you more info only if you are interested. 


Best regards Nishal

I want to know are you interested in our Simulator project? If you choose no, we will not email you with future emails.
How many times a week would you play or practice.
How many hours per session.
Are you interested in taking lessons from Nishal here, when he is available?
Which of these price plans suit you better?
Thanks for submitting!
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